There are 30 categories to enter and win, plus one Prix d’Honneur, decided by the judges from the category winners and, for the purposes of these Awards the terms “electric vehicle” or “EV” can include cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, all types of e-powered working vehicles, boats, aircraft, buses and locomotives as well as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles:


01. EV Design (interior or exterior)
02. EV Engineering
04. EV Vehicle Management
05. EV Ride & handling
06. EV Autonomy
07. Battery Development
08. Fuel Cell Development
09. Electric Motor Development
10. Hybrid Power Development
11. Marketing & promotion


12. Plug-in EV (PEV)
13. Plug-in Hybrid EV (PHEV)
14. Battery EV (BEV) – excluding buses, trucks, vans or pick-up EVs
15. Bus/Truck/Van/Pick-up EV
16. E-Motorcycle and E-bike
17. Other Types of EV (e.g. boats, aircraft, fork lifts, farm vehicles, etc)
18. Marketing, communications and advertising of an EV brand or EV sector manufacturer
19. EV infrastructure provider,
20. EV charge point manufacturer
EV charge point resellers and installers
22. EV charge point network operator

Overall Achievement

(Entrants for the Overall achievement categories must have entered at least one other category in the Ingenuity or Innovation sections)

23. Start-up EV Company
24. New EV Marque Launch
25. EV Design Team
26. EV Engineering Team
27. EV Electronics/Software Team
28. EV Marketing Team
29. EV Service Team (dealers, infrastructure network, installation, maintenance)
30. EV Manufacturer

Prix d’Honneur

(selected by the judges from the category winners)
Most Outstanding EV, EV Supporting Service or EV Infrastructure Development



The deadline for entries is May 31, 2021.



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