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In a sector that is evolving by the second around the world, we have acquired the E-Mobility Awards as we believe the name reflects better our ambitions for the Awards. We arel merging the Electric Vehicle Awards and E-Mobility Awards. Going forward, it will be the E-Mobility Awards that will be promoted.

Wiser, but undaunted, and with the possibility of the coronavirus starting to recede in the rear-view mirror, we rescheduled our plans for the 2021 Awards. We have also undertaken to plant a broad leafed tree for every entry submited to the Awards. The entries are in and we will round up the number of trees planted to 100. Our donations for trees will go to the National Forest, which is right in the heart of the UK, embracing 200 square miles across parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire and aims to link the two ancient forests of Charnwood and Needwood.

The Covid-19 pandemic has helped hurry the automotive industry to a pivotal moment, when operators and motorists decide that there has to be an end to ICE powered vehicles and put pressure on manufacturers to accelerate their rate of product change-over and on charging network providers to up their game on installation and charging. With a laser-like focus, the new E-Mobility / Electric Vehicle Awards will concentrate on the electric vehicle sector, including any AFVs that use their fuel to generate electric power (cars, vans and trucks), e-motorcycles, e-bikes, e-boats and e-aircraft, as well as electrically powered working vehicles (warehouse, farm, factory, etc.). But there will also be recognition of the developments in vehicle charging infrastructure, software and equipment, including installation and maintenance.

The Awards seek out ingenuity, innovation and achievement and bring together the talents of a highly expert, impartial judges to scrutinise entries and award marks against clear judging criteria. An awards competition is only as good as the entries received, however, and we tried to encourage the broadest possible range of entries from across the industry. We have also be talking to potential sponsors about supporting the Awards.

October 1, 2021 is scheduled for a lunchtime announcement of the Award winners. There will not be a physical event in this first year.